Pulsar 2018


October 23rd, 2018 marked the beginning of a movement in Canada’s capital city. 150 female and non-binary high school students from the Ottawa area came out to the Canada Science and Technology Museum for Pulsar Collective’s first ever workshop conference, Pulsar 2018.

Our attending students got to enjoy a full day of strategically curated workshops, ran by academic and industry professionals. Pulsar Co. partnered with IMRSV Data Labs, University of Ottawa Medicine, Carleton University Neuroscience, Water Rangers, and Natural Resources Canada to provide our students with a diverse range of STEM-related activities.

Pulsar 2018 was designed to introduce its students to a plethora of fields within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), in a way not that they have not experienced in their regular classrooms.

The Pulsar 2018 conference was graced by its keynote speaker, Dr. Vardit Ravitsky. Dr. Ravitsky is a prominent bioethicist from the University of Montreal whose work focuses primarily on genetics and the ethics of novel methods for conceiving a child. The topic of her work touches the hearts of countess people around the world.

During her keynote presentation, Dr. Ravitsky shared case studies and interacted with her young audience - pleasantly surprised with their curiosity and abundance of questions!

Our attending students left the iconic Canadian museum with new knowledge and excitement (and fun goodie bags). Pulsar Collective plans on organizing another conference, so that another cohort of young students can also experience a fun and educational day.

© Pulsar Collective 2019

© Pulsar Collective 2019