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Day Camps

© Pulsar Collective 2019

© Pulsar Collective 2019

Keep an eye out for our day camps! Pulsar Collective will be organizing activities and demonstrations for students of all ages to introduce them to the various Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields.

On February 15th, 2019, a group of young girls and non-binary students spent their day off from school to attend our PA Day: Science Adventures event at the University of Ottawa. With support from the university’s Faculty of Science and our partners who successfully ran activities throughout the day, the students got to experience STEM to the fullest!

The event took place to foster an environment where these young girls and non-binary students could sample different fields within STEM. With benevolent help from Let’s Talk Science, Dr. Rashmi, and KidsCode, these students enjoyed hands-on activities encompassing engineering, biology, and computer science and an eye-popping chemistry demonstration.

With the success of this event, we hope to host more just like it in the future to promote more gender equality in STEM and give these children the opportunity to learn outside of their typical classroom setting.